Toneshift interview

"Under the alias Machinefabriek, Rutger Zuydervelt has made a name for himself as a diverse and experimental composer and improviser, whose work exists equally in areas of ambient, noise, minimalism, drone, field recordings and electro-acoustic music. Over little more than a decade he has amassed an almost inhumane amount of recordings, collaborating with an impressive array of artists along the way.  His album ‘Ghost Lanes’ (2011) – a live improvisation with the clarinetist Gareth Davis – was personally one of the most formative albums to my own practice, and as with so much of Machinefabriek’s work, remains a stunning example of his nuanced, explorative, and deeply textural oeuvre. Rutger was kind enough to take a little time out to answer some of my questions. Enjoy!"

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