1. Scaly Whale
2. Yellowhead
3. Idiosync
4. Denis Davidov
5. Zimmer-G
6. Cycle Hiccups
7. Foolk
8. Digital Midgets
9. Michel Banabila
10. Route 24
11. Inward as DJ Pizz
12. CIRC
13. ABC Galaxy
14. Radboud Mens
15. Machinefabriek
16. Math Geek
17. All N4tural
18. Marginal Boots feat. Sunbody

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A compound music composition, varying in tempo, tone, mood, genre and sound. Made by eighteen artists via the game method which we call Cadavre exquis de la musique.

Since the art game known as Exquisite corpse (it involves drawing and folding, drawing and folding, drawing… well, you know) was invented by surrealists in the early 20th century, many people have used it for playing with images, words and sounds. As you have probably noticed, to some extent we always loved both arts and games—so we had to try this for ourselves. And we did—using the united forces of 56 Stuff music producers and a number of very special guests.

That is how this sound construction was built: piece by piece, fold by fold. Each of the participants (except for the first one, who started from scratch) added a fragment to the previously made composition, the next participant did the same and created his part of the track using a short snippet of the preceding section. Then the next one started, and another, and so on. Each of them was able to hear only the so-called tail of the previous piece. So, the final result remained obscured during the entire working process.

No one knew exactly which fragment would be the last one. The game was stopped suddenly, the long imaginary sheet was figuratively unfolded, and we all got the final tune—varying in tempo, tone, mood, genre and sound. Hooray!