The Mon Non Plus

The Mon Non Plus Remixed

1. Johnny Notendo (Notendo remix)
2. I Lie (Aux Raux remix)
3. Where is Everything (Machinefabriek remix)
4. Sudden Impact (Brenmar remix)
5. What if We Do It (About remix)
6. Jil Sanders Makes Your Eyes Black (Blokgolf remix)
7. I Am One (Kania Tiefer remix)
8. I Lie (The No remix)
9. Ha Ha Ha (3-1 remix)

Book & cd on Subbacultcha, June 2009

Musicians and artists remixed the self-titled debut album of The Mon Non Plus. The music, as well as the artwork of the cd-as seen on the cover of the publication- were the starting point for their work. These 60 pages and the 9 tracks are the result.