Sahara Mixtape

1. Sahara
2. Breakdown
3. Tumbleweed
4. Hustle
5. Enigma I
6. Cargo
7. Uproar
8. Moonlight
9. Tuareg
10. Market
11. Heat
12. Runner
13. Travail
14. Mirage
15. Work
16. Freighter
17. Shipwreck
18. Nightfall
19. Agadez
20. Trailblaze
21. Lorry
22. Shaitan
23. Morning
24. Sirocco
25. Caravan
26. Mystic
27. Enigma II
28. Haul
29. Breeze
30. Landcruiser
31. Dash
32. Ritual
33. Sandscape

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self released, November 2018

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The Sahara Mixtape album presents a selection of 33 pieces I've made for the score of the VPRO-produced travel/documentary series Sahara, in which Bram Vermeulen explores political turmoil, social issues and cultural heritage in the Sahara region. The soundtrack is at times brooding and gritty, but also prominently playful and exhilarating. You might actually hear some influences by M.I.A. and Equiknoxx Music in there… high-energy stuff that you'd normally not associate with my music. Making this album felt like an invitation to experiment in ways that were (relatively) new to the composer; the joy of making it radiates through these tracks.