Tomoroh Hidari

The Reinterpretation of Dreams

1. Owl-Stretching Time (Captive Portal Remix)
2. 空 (Konejo's Dream Big Remix)
3. Owl-Stretching Time (Machinefabriek Remix)
4. Sketches Of Pain (Brainquake Remix) 0
5. 山寺 (Räven Musen Remix)
6. 空 (Tim Koch Remix)
7. Sketches Of Pain (The Ghost Of 3.13 Remix)
8. 秋 (Flint Glass Remix)
9. Owl-Stretching Time (Tokee Remix)
10. Sketches Of Pain (Ivan Shopov Remix)
11. The Clear Sound Of Jewels

Digital remix compilation, Mahorka, July 2021

Available here

"Do dreams have a past or a future? Are they forever intrinsically linked with our consciousness? What happens if we share them? Do they take hold in our larger narratives and become stories in their own right?

Last year I released an album named 小さな夢達 (which reads as Chiisana Yumetachi) - Small Dreams. Today, just days after the first anniversary of its release I find myself listening to 10 remixes of those dreams. The Reinterpretation of Dreams, if you will. It is thanks to Ivo Petrov, label head of Mahorka, who envisioned this album as a great way to celebrate netlabel day 2021. He invited an amazing group of artists to contribute their remixes and share their own reinterpretations.

There isn't a single track on there that isn't amazing - I find that on repeated listening different tracks stand out each time, sometimes the softer ones speak more to me, sometimes the weirder ones, then again, on another listen, it's the more energetic ones. But every time it sounds like a coherent whole. A world appears, held together by the threads woven into the fabric of the original tracks, but expanded into a multi-faceted sonic cosmos, a wider world for the original narrow story to expand into. And after the final remix, you're invited to wake up again to the meditative meta-verse of the Small Dreams: Where all the remixes expand on the original theme, my contribution - an afterthought of sorts - is there to take you into a meditative state build around the ambiances and field-recordings that lie at the core of 小さな夢達.

My gratitude to all the artists who were kind enough to put in their work and creativity to contribute these remixes! To Ivo for making it all happen, to Zach Bridier for mastering and to dfkt for creating the cover."

-Tomoroh Hidari, London 09.07.2021