Our Arms Grew Together

Music for a performance by Marta & Kim

2. V-ing
3. Arms Connected / Kim's Solo
4. Pre-Fashion
5. Undressing / Marta's Solo
6. Atlas Projection
7. Kim's Back / Sixty-Nine
8. Returning

cd/dl/stream, t.b.a.

After As Much As It Is Worth and Engel, Marta & Kim asked me to compose the music for yet another dance/circus performance, Our Arms Grew Together. This release presents an edited version of that score, tailored to the album format.

The starting point of the Our Arms… soundtrack was a series of home recordings that Marta and Kim made on my request. As the performance deals with their (romantic) relationship, it made sense to incorporate their daily lives in the music somehow. There’s the purring of their cat, a boiling coffee-pot, the chickens they keep, their wind chime, and much more. These intimate sounds are paired with glowing synth pads and vintage rhythm boxes. I think it definitly sounds more ‘synthy’ than you’re used to from me. There’s even a track (you can guess which one) that we dubbed ‘Blade Runner music’ when working on it…


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