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3-inch cdr/download/stream, November 2022

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3-inch CDr released in an edition of 40 copies in white printed black paper mini digipack sleeves.

'Tuimelval' is the follow-up to the 'Hinkelstap' EP. Six tracks that have their roots in commissioned music (a video game, podcast, television series and a choreography), reworked to 'proper' songs for this release.


Vital Weekly

As if to indicate that the music differs from his usual work as Machinefabriek, Rutger Zuydervelt uses his own name for these two releases. Both are free downloads. 'Hinkelstap' comes as a tote bag with a QR code guiding you to the music, and 'Tuimelval' is a lovely 3" CDR in a small black digipack. Twelve pieces of music spread over these two discs, and they all originate in Zuydervelt's now extensive catalogue of applied works. Zuydervelt's work may be less visible in the weekly, as he's busy working on soundtracks for games, podcasts, television series, and choreography. As with applied music, sometimes the idea is excellent, but only a tiny bit is used. Or only a small bit is made, but it can be a great song by itself. That notion inspired Zuydervelt to rework these twelve tunes, with no names (nor does he tell us which videogame, podcast etc., the original is part of), into good songs. If you think this will be more of Machinefabriek's long-form approach, drones and such, then you will be in for a surprise, I should think. Zuydervelt created twelve pieces of rhythmic, electronic music in the best tradition of Boards Of Canada, early Autechre, or, in fact, much of what Warp Records released at the turn of the century. Music that, I readily admit, thought to be quite interesting at the time but to which I hardly returned after a while. As far as I remember, I think it all became too much of a template for me at a certain point. After not hearing this music for many years, I enjoyed it again. I hear the template of the sound, but now it's no longer a burden for me, and it sounds as fresh as it did when I first heard it. Thirty minutes of great fun. Bumpy rhythms, small melodies, some different angles. And at fifteen minutes per release, all of these tracks are short and to the point. That was sometimes different in the old days. Lovely stuff.

De Subjectivisten

Nu is er een vervolg met de mini Tuimelval, wederom een fraaie 3” release, waarop hij 6 tracks in een goede 16 minuten de revue laat passeren. Ook hier is het basismateriaal afkomstig van muziek voor een videogame, podcast, televisieserie en een choreografie, maar heeft hij deze weer omgetoverd tot instrumentale “songs”. Zuydervelt weet opnieuw een fraaie verbindingen te smeden tussen speelse, ritmische en complexe elektronica en IDM, waarbij hij het allemaal doorwaadbaar weet te houden. Hoewel het zeker terug doet denken aan de helden van weleer, klinkt het toch ook fris en helemaal van hier en nu. Hij weeft er subtiel ook her en der wat meer industriële klanken doorheen, wat het geheel een iets donkerder tintje geeft. Dat maakt het ook weer spannend en uiterst biologerend. Denk aan een kruisbestuiving van Autechre, Beaumont Hannant, Aphex Twin, Prurient, Locust, Swimwear Catalogue en Drum Island. Ook met kleine releases weet Zuydervelt groots uit te pakken.


Tuimelval cover 1500px

Tuimelval cover 1500px