Gap In Time

1. Christopher Bissonnette - An Accurate Pictur
2. Spheruleus - Bridge of Hours
3. Elegi - Lys & Lykte
4. Strom Noir - The Weight Of It All
5. Bruno Sanfilippo - Subliminal Pulse
6. Mikael Lind - Understanding Through Imitation
7. Autistici and Neuro... No Neuro - Billion Mammals, Birds, And Reptiles Likely Lost Their Lives In The Blazes
8. The Green Kingdom - Forest Regeneration
9. Michał Wolski - Cosmos
10. offthesky - Undoing Us
11. Anne Chris Bakker - Staring Sun
12. The Frozen Vaults - Stilled (Giulio Aldinucci Remix)
13. Antonymes - Coming Into Silence
14. Piotr Michałowski - Phoenix
15. Wil Bolton - Burr
16. Giulio Aldinucci - Come l'Inverno
17. Mike Lazarev - Afflicted
18. Olan Mill - Fumes
19. Philippe Lamy - Si Loin
20. Mariska Baars / Rutger Zuydervelt - Fairy-Wren
21. Segue - With Gratitude
22. Pleq - The Lost

compilation, download
Dronarivm, June 2020

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The concept of the compilation itself was very plain. Together with Dmitry, we’ve asked artists befriended with our record label ’Dronarvim’ for a composition which would be truly unique and still not released anywhere. Apart from the permanent composers connected with our record label, a few new names appear, for example of two Polish artists. The premise of the compilation is that the whole amount from the sale will be donated to WHO in order to counteract the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.