1. Sister (Music for an installation/performance by Roshanak Morrowatian) (39:13)

Download on PLAYNEUTRAL, November 2021

Available here

A digital-only album, with all proceeds going to Dutch refugee organization Stichting Vluchteling.

As the title suggests, this album presents the score for a beautiful project by artist/choreographer/dancer Roshanak Morrowatian. Sister is an installation as well as a performance; a life-size wax model of a child, which is slowly melting by the heat of light, morphing into new shapes. In the words of the artist: “Sister is an ode to the survival strength of children in areas of political and social turmoil.”

Like the installation, the soundtrack is a slow burning and hypnotic 40-minute piece. The track closes with the voice of Mahnaz Heygharnejadi (Roshanak’s mother), singing the Iran traditional ‘Mara Beboos’.