1. Texturalis 1
2. Texturalis 2
3. Texturalis 3
4. Texturalis 4
5. Texturalis 5
6. Texturalis 6
7. Texturalis 7
8. Texturalis 8
9. Texturalis 9
10. Texturalis 10
11. Texturalis 11
12. Texturalis 12
13. Texturalis 13
14. Texturalis 14
15. Texturalis 15
16. Texturalis 16
17. Texturalis 17
18. Texturalis 18

cassette/dl/stream, Cassauna, March 2022

Download available here
Cassette available here

As far as I know, Texturalis isn’t an existing word. It could have something to do with the density or porosity of organic compounds perhaps? In any case, I do think it somehow fits the sounds on this album. Sounds indeed, not songs. Anyone familiar with my music knows my interest in anything crackling, fizzling and buzzing. For Texturalis I choose to work on just that; not to be bothered with creating elaborate compositions, but to focus on creating intriguing textures. This resulted in 18 two-minute vignettes. Each of these could be a glimpse of a continuous sound environment.

Constructed by Rutger Zuydervelt, November and December 2021.
Additional sounds by Mariska Baars, Anne Bakker, Ania Katynska, Brian Thummler and Gonçalo Almeida.


The Wire

In a 2008 interview with The Wire, Zuydervelt said he often added a patina of texture to induce a sense of nostalgia. On Texturalis, which was commissioned by Important Records’ tape imprint Cassauna, texture is the whole point. While there might be a tune played on an electronic keyboard or a guitar, it’s there to function as a hook on which to hang something crackly, squelchy or scratchy. Such sounds are Zuydervelt’s strong suit; these tracks, none much over two minutes long, each set a palpable mood.

Mastered by Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio.
Artwork by Pierre Clemens, 2021