Antibothis vol.4

1. Machinefabriek: Stroop
2. Michel Banabila & Philippe Petit: Malpertuis
3. Israel Martinez: Oblique Conjectures
4. PAS & If, Bwana: Sand Paper
5. Cindytalk: Fighting the Panopticon
6. Murcof: Plant
7. Bela Emerson: Devine (Same Actor remix)
8. Scanner/Si Cutt DB: My Lip Cam
9. Xambuca: BO à l'asphyxie
10. The Stargazer's Assistant: Kellarinauhat pt.1
11. Mark Beazley: Connective Tissue
12. KK Null: Cosmic Debris

Book with cd on thiscoverychannel
February 2013

144 page book with loads of short stories and essays by Chad Hensley, Polly Superstar, Z’ev, Trevor Brown, Joe Coleman, Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis’ lead singer), Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Francisco Lopez, Joe Ambrose and many more. Includes a cd curated by Philippe Petit.

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