First Terrace Records: Compilation 2

1. Machinefabriek: Clarinet Tape/Piano Tape
2. Nur: DLA3
3. Zohastre: MVTMJSUNP
4. Sukitoa O Namau: Cette phrase...
5. C. Diab: Daniel and Henrik Battle the Bull of Heaven at Uruk
6. Rupert Clervaux: Ignescent
7. Ola Saad: Running
8. Daniel Klag: Partial
9. Chra: Red Robin
10. Nika Son: Wrill Nos Tad
11. Vida Vojić: Untouch
12. Specimens: All Life Eventually Turns To Dust 07:33
13. Angélica Negrón / Janus Trio: Drawings for Meyoko

Tape and download on First Terrace Records, January 2018

First Terrace Records is delighted to present the second edition of it’s compilation series. Running at a robust 68 minutes, it’s a collection of extraordinary work from a diverse cast of sound explorers.

Marking (more or less) one year of the label’s activity, it serves as a portrait and a celebration of an ever expanding family.

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