Pierdrie dvd

Marco Douma / Roel Meelkop / Rutger Zuydervelt

Pierdrie - 18 minute loop

dvd, self released, July 2012

This is a one screen version of the Pierdrie installation that was originally presented as a 3 monitor / 4 speaker installation at gallery Hommes in Rotterdam. the dvd comes with stereo sound, as well as an option for surround sound.

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Available for 14 euro including postage

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Vital Weekly

All three artists here are from the city of Rotterdam, best known (other than these artists of course) for having one of the world's largest harbors. It's here we find Roel Meelkop and Rutger Zuydervelt, both armed with a hard disc recorder and microphones and Marco Douma armed with a video camera to tape sounds and images from this busy harbor for their 'Pierdrie' work, as screened on three monitors and four speakers and which has epic proportions. It starts and ends with water, we climb up the quay, with odd signs on metal like walls, highly abstract, but moving towards the less abstract shots of the entire harbor. Little by little it gets darker and darker, night falls, and lights can be seen, and the color of the water gets slowly lighter and lighter: it's day again, and the DVD, which lasts eighteen minutes, starts, automatically again. Epic indeed, the constant, busy harbor, a 24 hour economy. The music by Meelkop and Machinefabriek is a fine work of sizzling tones, and metallic scraping, of machinery in the harbor, but subdued, rather than 'industrial'. A peaceful harmony between the endless stream of water and the life around it. A dreamy, poetic picture of the harbor of Rotterdam, a beautiful stream of image and sound. Maybe the DVD with one monitor is a poor excuse, but at least it allows us to watch a bit of it, and everywhere we want.