Tapes of the Day

1. Hazira, Jerusalem, 18 December 2007
2. Levontin 7, Tel Aviv, 19 December 2007

cd-r, January 2008, 2nd edition October 2009
Now available as free download

Field recordings from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

In December 2007 I was aksed to perform at the Hap'Zura festival in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Especially at that time, I hadn't yet traveled so much for my music, and visiting a country with such a tense political and religious history felt... big.

The idea of flying all that distance just to perform like I would normally do didn't appeal to me, so I decided to do something different. The idea was to translate my experience of being in Israel into a performance. 'Tapes of the Day' does that in quite a literal way.

Each of the days I had to perform (one dat in Tel Aviv, the next in Jerusalem), I took my portable recorder and walked through the city, going wherever the wind (or better: the sound) would take me. I limited myself by using 10 tapes, on which only one moment would be recorded. So I had to decide carefully when to press 'record'...

The moment I walked nearby a demonstration was specifically tense. "There's gong to be violence!", a man told me (which luckily didn't happen).

The performances, which took place in the evening, consisted of mixing the recordings of that same day, live, in chonological order. The audience basically heard an ultra-condensed version of my day. A peak into my diary. Their world, heard through the ears of an outsider.

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