Stroomtoon Acht/Negen+Tien/Elf

1A. Stroomtoon Acht
1B. Stroomtoon Negen

2A. Stroomtoon Tien
2B. Stroomtoon Elf

Double 7-inch lathe cut on Fake Jazz
December 2012

The first Machinefabriek release on Fake Jazz. On the A side of the first 7-inch we have Stroomtoon Acht where the raw minimalist feel of the original loops are retained and blended into a slow, eerie drift of muted drone. Flip for the B side where Stroomtoon Negen awaits. This beautiful and delicate piece features broken textures and glitches resulting in a warm, blurred ambience. The A side of the second 7-inch is the four minute ethereal symphony Stroomtoon Tien which builds from a subtle movement into an expansive exploration. Enthralling. Stroomtoon Elf is a whirring muted experiment of static charged improvised loops and crumbling sounds, wrapped in stems of softened crunch and subtle grandeur. An arresting aural high. Hushed minimalism, greyed out experimentalism and looped conceptualism.

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