Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek

1. Soundlines I
2. Intermission
3. Soundlines II

3-inch cdr, June 2009

Gareth Davis: bass clarinet and contra bass clarinet
Rutger Zuydervelt: computer, guitar and effects

CD sold out,
but still available in digital format, on my Bandcamp page
Additional sounds on Soundlines II by Simon Scott

Soundlines I is the score for 'The Sounding Lines are Obsolete' by John Price, 2009


Vital Weekly

The name Gareth Davis (bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet) doesn't ring any bells here, but for this small release he teams up with Rutger Zuydervelt (computer, guitar and effects), better known as Machinefabriek of course. Three pieces on this 3", of which the first is the score for 'The Sounding Lines Are Obsolete', a film by John Price. The clarinet produces some mighty fine drone like sounds and hardly sounds like a clarinet. It mingles nicely with the computer and guitar treatments pushed forward by Zuydervelt. Highly atmospheric music but very dark. I wonder what the film looks like after hearing this, but no doubt it must be quite mysterious. 'Intermission' and 'Soundlines' arrive without notice: it seems if all three pieces flow right into eachother. That might be a bit of downer as perhaps one expected something different. But taken as a whole this is a great release. Nocturnal pastoral music.


Ik zeg wel eens een maand geen Machinefabriek is een maand geen muziek beleefd. Daarentegen zeg ik wel vaker dingen die mensen niet serieus nemen of wellicht hoeven nemen. Wie wel degelijk serieus te nemen is, is Rutger Zuydervelt met zijn elektronicaproject Machinefabriek. Naast reguliere releases brengt hij legio 3" cd's uit. Nu is de muziek daarop doorgaans van hoge kwaliteit, maar de verpakking mag er in deze ook wezen. Met de charme van een lp hoes, maar dan heel klein. Nu heeft hij samen met de klarinettist Gareth Davis de mini Soundlines gemaakt. Rutger zoals gebruikelijk op de gitaar, computer en met effecten waarmee hij in dit geval subtiele, filmische klanken fabriceert. 'Soundlines I' is dan ook de soundtrack voor Sound Lines Are Obsolete van John Price en de cd is verpakt in een kartonnetje ter grootte van een bioscoopticket. Op dit atmosferische en vaak mysterieuze geheel voegt Gareth op de meest uiteenlopende klarinetten geluiden toe die je niet altijd zou toedichten aan een klarinet; soms flarden herkenbaar geluid, maar dikwijls ook duistere drones.De tot de verbeelding sprekende muziek is uiterst subtiel en van een duistere schoonheid. Prachtig weer in alle opzichten!

Norman Records

We're very fortunate to have exclusive copies of an excellent Gareth Davis and Machinefabriek 3" CDr. It's presented in a lovely oversized sleeve and is a limited run of 100 copies. 'Soundlines' Comes in three parts.The first track 'Soundlines I' is the score to 'The Sounding Lines Are Obsolete' a film by John Price. It begins with washes of radio static sounds that come across sounding like digital ocean waves crashing against the rocks. Gareth Davis provides deep bass tones with Bass Clarinet and Contabass Clarinet. His sounds create a very mysterious feel and as the track progresses the vibe becomes more sinister with abstract frequencies and drones that together build a piece that is very cinematic. Simon Scott (Televise) provides additional sounds. 'Soundlines II' is the shortest track and is essentially a moody ambient piece and although this was not used as a soundtrack it follows on nicely from the first part, giving a cohesive flow and setting the scene for part III. Which begins by sounding like my decks when the earth cable comes out of the mixer. Davis' bass frequencies resonate under lovely machine sounds and creepy electronics. If you're a fan of either artist then I'd say this was pretty essential.