A Looming Presence

Banabila & Machinefabriek

1. Fabricated Fables
2. A Giant Misstep
3. Ambiguous Signals
4. A Looming Presence
5. Fractured Dreams
6. Oumuamua
7. Radiant Mass
8. Cracked Dispatch
9. Lyrebird

dl/stream, April 2024

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A Looming Presence is the sixth album by Banabila & Machinefabriek.
A playful yet dark soundtrack for a crumbling world.



The first thing I noticed is that most of these tracks are heavily rhythm-oriented, with just a few exceptions (such as the title track and the quiet Oumuamua). The music is playful, but also ‘a dark soundtrack for a crumbling world’.
On Cracked Dispatch the duo is completed by Oene van Geel’s trombone and viola and Maryana Golovchenko singing the Ukrainian traditional In The Sea There’s A Marble Stone. This song’s atmosphere pleasantly reminded me of Holger Czukay’s Boat Woman Song from 1969 (show hands if you remember that one).

Unlike their previous albums, A Looming Presence is a digital-only release; there are (currently) no plans for a physical release.