1. Licht

3-inch cdr, May 2005

Sold out
But appears on the compilation Bijeen


Vital Weekly

After a series of mini CDR releases in a relatively short period, things were quiet in the last months for Machinefabriek. His new release 'Licht' lists a whole bunch of instruments, ranging from a laptop to an unused strip of paracetamol, a mobile phone and a casio keyboard. Despite this list of usual and unusual gadgets, he creates his best moment until now. One long drone piece forms the backbone of the piece, and on top of that he adds lots of small sounds to the mix, but they appear somewhere far away in the mix, thus maintaining the drone character of the piece. A very intense piece, with small events happening beneath the surface. The first time that Machinefabriek creates something that is coherent throughout and not scattered with small ideas. As said, his best moment until now.