Alexander Rishaug

Ma.Org Pa.Git Re.Mx

1. Machinefabriek: Ma.Org Re.Mx
2. Svalastog: Ma.Org Re.Mx 06:26
3. Köhn: Ma.Org Re.Mx
4. Hosomi Sakana: Ma.Org Re.Mx
5. Phonophani: Ma.Org Re.Mx (alexremix2mix)
6. Tetsuro Yasunaga: Ma.Org Re.Mx
7. Seaworthy: Pa.Git Re.Mx
8. Asuna: Pa.Git Re.Mx
9. Loscil - Ma.Org (Segue) Re.Mx
10. Curver - Pa.Git (noise trigger) Re.Mx
11. Mark Fell - Ma.Org Re.Mx (long version)

Download on Cronica, February 2015

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In parallel to Ma.Org Pa.Git, the remix album Ma.Org Pa.Git Re.Mx features an international selection of sound artists and their interpretations of Rishaug’s compositions. He invited artists that have been an inspiration or that influenced his work from early involvement in the experimental music scene in the mid-nineties until present. Norwegian and Oslo-based Svalastog, Dutch and Rotterdam-based Machinefabriek, Icelandic Curver, Japanese and Tokyo- based Tetsuro Yasunaga and Hosomi Sakana, member of SND and UK-based Mark Fell, Belgian- based Köhn, Norwegian-based and member of Alog, Espen Sommer Eide alias Phonophani, Canadian-based Loscil, Japanese and Kanazawa-based Asuna and Australian-based Seaworthy.