A1. Richard A Ingram: Nocturne No. 6
A2. Library Tapes: Medans Vinden Tog Ljudet Ifran Oss
A3. Sommer: Fall House
A4. Rafael Anton Irisarri: These Red Winters
A5. Peter Broderick: Arthur's Opinion

B1. Nils Frah: Because This Must Be
B2. Machinefabriek: Ivory Ghosts
B3. Krater: Resaka
B4. Gabriela Parra: The Child Who Talked To The Wind

lp, released by American Typewriter, June 2010
re-released as download by 1631 Recordings, April 2016

First compilation on American Typewriter is KEYS and, as the subtitle says, it is a comprehensive collection of contemporary piano compositions. From the strictly modern classical sound to the more experimental and electronic stuff using piano.

Cover design by yours truly.

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