Jeremy Young

Amaro Extensions

1. Frequenza Bianca (T. Gowdy remix)
2. Carta Vetrata (YlangYlang remix)  
3. Trafic (Machinefabriek remix)
4. The Duchamp Bicycle Wheel Resonator (Xuan Ye remix)
5. Tiny Pine Cones (Joni Void remix)
6. Mythy (Nils Quak remix)

Digital EP, August 2021

Available here

Jeremy Young's Amaro Extensions EP is the continuation of the life of his solo record, Amaro, released in 2021 on Thirsty Leaves Music. This collection reimagines and reinterprets the themes that flowed through Amaro, and extends them into new and uncharted territories.

Montreal-based electroacoustic composer Jeremy Young's new record, Amaro, is more like a suite of meaningful multi-disciplinary duets than a new addition to his growing catalog of pure solo material. Yet it centrally documents an iterative, systems-based approach to making music that Young has been developing and refining through live performances and improvisations in his studio for close to 3 years. This sonic "system" is not modular but tactile, performable, and tourable, and includes: 3 individual oscillators (sine, square, triangle) tuned microtonally by hand in real time and filtered, amplified surfaces and objects that make up the pieces' rhythmic foundations, tape loop fragments of found tape, and EMF signal captured and routed across the tonal and textural signal paths.