To Yemen With Love

1. Mehmet Polat & Embracing Colours - Nothing Is Yours
2. Nobuka - Of What Remains
3. Cengiz Arslanpay - Yemen Türküsü
4. Gulli Gudmundsson & Jeroen van Vliet - Speck Of Dust
5. Maarten Vos - Argentavis  
6. Willem Cramer - I Mean, Really
7. Cok van Vuuren - New Day Just Like Before
8. Salar Asid & Michel Banabila - Amal
9. Michel Banabila & Joshua Samson - Unfinished Business
10. Machinefabriek - Waqūr  
11. Son Of Chi - Najmia
12. Awkward Corners - Transversal
13. Erica Rozendaal & Oene van Geel - Waves
14. Radboud Mens - Melancholic
15. Anas Maghrebi - Horaniwave
16. El Khat - Ptiha
17. Ernst Reyseger - Child's Footprint
18. Stijn Hüwels - Skizze
19. Eric Vloeimans - Orbit
20. H.O.W. - Yero Mama
21. Patroness Saint - Brutti Ma Buoni  
22. Pierre Bastien - Rotomotor (Erbil Remix)
23. Anne Bakker - Nachtboot
24. Tanar Çatalpinar & East Meets West - Hu Alim
25. Robin Rimbaud & Michel Banabila - Step Ahead
26. Cok van Vuuren - Dropped D
27. Ruisch - A Small Drop - featuring Salar Asid
28. Ali Bahia El Idrissi - Arhil - featuring Erkan Oğur
29. Peter Hollo - A Naïve Playthrough
30. Maartje Teussink - Voices For Yemen
31. Rapoon - Piano Piece 3
32. Christine Ott - Lights In The Deep (part 2)
33. Oscar Roelof Peterse - Hope
34. C-drík - An Imaginary Place Inhabited By Those Who Are Asleep

Digital compilation on Tapu Records

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Musicians have come together to contribute their talents to a cause that we all find to be dear to our hearts, the people of Yemen and their wellbeing. The people of Yemen have been exposed to the horrors of war, one that has raged on for the last five years. As a result of the war, the country’s infrastructure has been dismayed, with the majority of the civilian population left exposed to hunger, disease and homelessness.

We all need to do our part to assist those in need. We offer these recordings as our way of helping. With the purchase of our album, all proceeds will be contributed to two charity organizations that are working on the ground in Yemen, Yanani and Mercy Bakery.

You will be able to enjoy our music of love with the knowledge that you brought some comfort to a Yemeni caught in this senseless violence. (Jamal Najjab)