Nuffar (for an installation by Siba Sahabi)  (3:39)

stream/download single, October 2019

Translation—between cultures, between East and West, between concept and design—is central to Siba Sahabi’s work. Fascinated by the complex relationship that emerges at the point of translation between music and its graphical notation, Siba designed three kinetic artworks that visualise a soundscape composed specifically for the work. The installation, in both its design and movement, translates digital information (music) into analogue images (patterns).
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The soundtrack for the installation is inspired by the oldest fully documented and conserved song in the world, a Sumerian hymn from the 14th century BCE. Its contemporary interpretation of distinct and interwoven audio layers that are visually expressed by Siba’s three ‘pattern-machines’.
Originally made for 3 channels, this stream/download
is a stereo-mix of the score.

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