soccer Committee


1. Look At You
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Life So Right
4. Moi & Mon Coeur
5. Fish Chest
6. Goat Song
7. Le Jardin
8. Moi & Mon Coeur (Machinefabriek version)
9. Le Jardin (Wouter van Veldhoven version)

cd/dl/stream on Moving Furniture Records
February 2022

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Re-release of soccer Committee's debut album.

Mariska's first album is important to me for multiple reasons. First of all the music was (and still is) super inspiring, and influenced my music making. But more importantly it was the start of my musical and personal friendship with Mariska, that is still going strong to this day. So of course I was honored when I was asked to do a remix. I chose Moi Et Mon Coeur, one of my favorite tracks of the album. Of course my intention was not to ‘make it better’ (I cannot do that), but I tried to ‘grab’ the atmosphere and extend it. Because who wouldn’t want to dwell in that beautiful music a bit longer?