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Side A. 08.03.08 > download a fragment
Side B. 29.03.08

Tape on Digitalis, June 2008

Leo Fabriek: harmonium (side A), piano (side B)
Mariska Baars: guitar, voice
Rutger Zuydervelt: guitar, sampler. effects, editing
Wouter van Veldhoven: taperecorders, melodica

So, this is a tape, not a cd... It's two live sessions, edited for your listening pleasure. The piece on side A was recorded in Wouter's home, at his birthday. Side B was recorded at LVC, Leiden (NL).

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An all-star line-up of dutch artists convene to make this very special, infuriatingly limited cassette for Digitalis. Rutger Zuydervelt, Wouter Van Veldhoven, Mariska Baars and Leo Fabriek are the players in question, between them representing Machinefabriek, Soccer Committee and Julie Mittens. The cassette draws together two distinct live sessions recorded separately in March 2008, each edited into side-spanning drone pieces assembled from guitar, harmonium, tape machines and voices. The end result is predictably epic in scope, sounding like some distant orchestra tuning up across the vast, droning A-side, while once flipped over the cassette reveals a more overtly detailed, more conventionally musical persona, with hazy remnants of piano melody taking form, establishing a corroded melodic sensibility augmented by fractious electronic elements. Despite the abundance of contributors there's never any real sense of clutter, and the outcome of these edited sessions is a music that sounds supremely patient and somehow unassuming in its minimalist tactics, yet listen carefully and you'll hear a body of work whose clarity and sophistication goes far beyond the usual parameters of the conventionally murky world of cassette music.