Minuut 1 - 11

Free download, May 2016

Download on Bandcamp

A series of one minute soundsculptures,
playable as seamless loops.

Tools: guitar pick-ups, steel wool, tuning fork, rice, metal lid, putty knife, kitchen knife, alarm clock, dictaphone, smartphone, electric metronome, electric toothbrush, mini amp, contact microphone, analogue tone generator, looper pedals, reverb pedal.

The vibraphone heard in Minuut 2 was recorded at a soundcheck from the group Tomaga, at Pa?acu M?odzie?y, Katowice, Poland.

Minuut 1 - 4 appeared on a compilation cdr
of Fake Magazine #2 (November 2015)

Minuut 5 - 8 appeared on the compilation
'Dayalu / for Nepal' (Hibernate, May 2015)