Disc 1
1. Machinefabriek 'Stofstuk'
remixed by:
2. Freiband (Frans de Waard)
3. Peter Broderick
4. Jgrzinich
5. Kim Cascone
6. Greg Haines
7. Xela
8. Mark Templeton
9. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
10. Mitchell Akiyama
11. Aaron Martin
12. Strangelet
13. Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai)
14. Luigi Archetti

Disc 2
1. Lesser
2. Jeroen Vandesande
3. Tim Coster
4. Pita (Peter Rehberg)
5. Svarte Greiner
6. The No
7. Adam Pacione
8. Henrik Rylander
9. Chris Herbert
10. Julien Neto
11. Lukas Simonis
12. Gert-Jan Prins
13. Steinbrüchel

1. Marcus Fjellstrom
2. Fog
3. Robert Deters
4. Haruki
5. Library Tapes
6. Blevin Blectum
7. Wixel
8. Jasper TX
9. Wouter van Veldhoven
10. Tsukimono

2cd with download, self released, 28 July 2007

But available digitally here

A double cd full of remixes of the previously on business-card cdr released 'Stofstuk' piece. I was so lucky to have Alva Noto, Mitchell Akiyama and Peter Rehberg involved... among many many others.


Vital Weekly

Thirteen weeks have been passed since reviewing 'Stofstuk', a business card CDR by Machinefabriek and as noted back then, it was the original piece for a remix project. If you think Machinefabriek is fast, then so are his remixers. It's done, pro-pro-pressed 2CD set, with a further ten remixes to be found on the website only. Bloody hell indeed, what a speed. The handy vacuum cleaner (which is what 'Kruimeldief' means) hoovers all the remixes together and is a today's who's who in interesting music, but Rutger Zuydervelt has also a bunch of friends that at least are new to me. So we find Pita, Alva Noto, Gert-Jan Prins, Steinbruchel, Mitchell Akiyama and Kim Cascone nicely along Julien Neto, Jeroen Vandesande, Strangelet, The No and Svarte Grainer. The original piece by Machinefabriek is also included here, with its subtle crackling and carefully building drones. Many took that as a reference to construct even more careful crackling and more subdued drones. That is nice, but nicer are those who did a little more to break away from that, I think. Greg Haines adds a bunch of stringed sounds to the world, Xela some curious field recordings/voices, Mitchell Akiyama, Henrik Rylander (great track), Gert-Jan Prins and Freiband exploring the noise side of it, which is great since it breaks the repeated sounds that some seem to love and re-use a bit too much. One Julien Neto has a great piece of ringing sounds, like a bunch of doorbells, and it's the best track of it all. Minimal, but not really drone like. Over 150 minutes of music, just on these two CDs. Leaves me to check out the website one day.