1. Stofstuk

businesscard cd-r, April 2007

Sold out
But appears (in slightly different version) on Ranonkel


Vital Weekly

If you release a CDR here and there and wonder why fame hasn't met you yet, you should start to study the methods of Machinefabriek. Still throwing out CDRs he produces himself, but a little check of his website will learn you he's by now gaining quite a reputation and forthcoming releases are due on many different labels around the world. Plus he plays his socks off live. Classical example of self-promotion paying off. For the graduation project of Yvette Geelen, he recorded 'Stofstuk' ('dust piece'), using a singing bowl, a contact mic, a vinyl record and a laptop. It's the refined Machinefabriek sound. Slowly building drones, fading out, a few crackles - dust under the needle - and slowly building up again but taking a different shape. A short but delightful piece, Machinefabriek at his best. And perhaps I am not at liberty to tell, but 'Stofstuk' is also the basic material for a forthcoming remix project. No doubt interested parties should start the bidding.