Dialog Tapes II

Eilean cdr/dl:
1. Autistici + Olan Mill: Our Dissociated Presence
2. øjeRum + The Humble Bee: And Once - Only Once...
3. Toàn + Stijn Hüwels: Camera Oscura
4. Offthesky + Benoît Pioulard: À L’Aise À L’Heure
5. Josh Mason + Machinefabriek: Siltbell
6. Emmanuel Witzthum + R Beny: Long Forgotten Coasts
7. Monolyth & Cobalt + Dudal: Moor
8. Omar El Abd + Steve Pacheco: The Tempest

Dauw tape/dl:
1. Benoît Pioulard + Toàn: Blight in Violet
2. The Humble Bee + Josh Mason: Hope Corner
3. Stijn Hüwels + Yadayn: Pale Hills
4. Steve Pacheco + Emmanuel Witzthum: Dawn Light Whispers
5. Dudal + Monolyth & Cobalt: Laaps
6. Machinefabriek + Offthesky: Endins
7. r beny + øjeRum: Seventh Lasting
8. Olan Mill + Omar El Abd: Sonorous

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In the beginning of 2014, two new boutique labels saw the light: the Belgian Dauw and Eilean Records which is based in France. After a few initial releases, respectively label owners Pieter Dudal and Mathias van Eecloo got in touch and quite soon decided to work on a collaborative project. What started with some rough ideas ended up in a wonderful project in which artists from both labels were linked to each other in order to make a collaborative track. The result was called ‘Dialog Tapes’. In its essence, Dialog Tapes is an ambitious attempt to connect a musical field through its own creative forces. Its about connectivity and making new unexpected musical ties between individual actors.

Four years later, both labels now express a distinctive sound and found their place within the field of minimal ambient and electro-acoustic music. Hence, Dudal and Eecloo found that the time was ripe to initiate the follow up of the first Dialog Tapes output. After a long process of carefully selecting the artists and curating the collaborations, a wonderful group of musicians started to explore musical overlap, looked for new approaches to make music and ultimately went in a dialog with another artist.

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