Seasonal Diary III: Curious Enchantment

1. Lori S. Sarid – hey where did you go
2. Sam Prekop – Nearly
3. Grykë Pyje – Covert Sounds from Secret Mounds
4. Yves De Mey – Imber
5. Vic Bang – Glas
6. Rutger Zuydervelt – Never Return (Kaleiding Outtake)
7. Nicolas Snyder – Moon Bath Ritual
8. Patricia Wolf – The Juncos’ Nest

Digital compilation from Objects & Sounds
August 2023

Available here

It was June 2023, and the heat here in The Netherlands was blistering. Well, to this pale-skinned Dutch man everything beyond 28 degrees feels excessive. I was working on the score for a performance by dance/circus duo Lily&Janick. For the particular scene I was composing for, the music (a combination of a droney undercurrent and skittering drums) felt like a strange combination of sleep-mode stasis and oppressive restlessness. It felt very much ‘in tune’ with (my dealings with) the hot weather of that moment. 
When we decided to go for a different musical direction for said scene, and I received a friendly reminded by Objects & Sounds regarding the progress of my ‘summer track’, the choice was easy. Perfect, I didn’t have to kill my darling!
That final Kaleiding score is also released as an album, right here.
More info about the Kaleiding performance.


Seasonal Diary III

Seasonal Diary III