1. Melodrama 1
2. Melodrama 2

7-inch lathe cut, download and stream
on Champion Version

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"Up for a new 7-inch Rutger?"

A question like that is always a nice reminder for something I really like... to focus on a short amount of music. It’s a bit like writing a short story instead of a book. There’s still something of the ‘album feel’ in there; two tracks that are closely related, both part of the same story. But there’s not the issue of having to deal with the arc or dynamics of a complete full length record. In a way, this gives me the freedom to be more explorative and playful, like you could probably hear in my previous Champion Version 7-inch, ‘Snoepgoed’, and in this new one ‘Melodrama’.

‘Melodrama’ started by recording an online drum machine with a dodgy 4-track, then playing that back through a few effects pedals and looping bits of it. The resulting rhythm is the foundation of ‘Melodrama 1’, on which I started to arrange midi instruments onto, very intuitively. What started as something with a sort of lo-fi Autechre feel, to me anyway, became something completely different. Quite cinematic, and perhaps a bit… melodramatic? Well, I guess sometimes that’s how I like it.