Buoyant Live

Dirk Serries + Rutger Zuydervelt

Side A: Part One
Side B: Part Two

LP, January 2016

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Dirk and I recorded the album Buoyant in 2015, which was released by Consoling Sounds. Commonplace for electronic musicians, it was done by sharing files. We were never in the same room.
But then we were asked to perform at the famous Incubate festival in Tilburg. We decided to take  one of the tracks of Buoyant as a starting point, and improvise from there. But no rehearsing. The gig was one of those magical moments in which things seem to happen naturally, automatically, as if they were out of the musician's control. Our sounds melted organically into a fluent mass. When it was over, we (and the room with us) felt elevated. Luckily, the concert was expertly recorded, so we can now present it as a beautiful vinyl edition on Tonefloat!