1. Oi polloi
2. Barkat
3. Ryan
4. Curb
5. The African guy
6. Hockney
7. Mosey
8. Stotterpiano
9. Bye bye Bradford

3-inch cdr, January 2006

Sold out


Vital Weekly

A bit clueless here as to why the new Machinefabriek release is called 'Manchester', other than a few thank you' to Boomkat and Baked Goods. If, after the couple of recent releases by Machinefabriek, you would expect him to continue the noise road that he has taken on his recent 3" releases, then you are wrong. In some ways he returns to his earlier works, such as 'Xylophonique'. Back then, in Vital Weekly 446, the music was compared to that of Sack & Blumm, and here he sort of continues that, playing organ (harmonium perhaps?), with an occasional touch on a guitar, some obscured field recordings of people talking (in 'Barkat', now where would those recordings be made?) and the piano. Quite an introspective release this one. Also the nine tracks here do make sense altogether, which is compared with the early releases of Machinefabriek a big step forward. Whereas they were scattered around a bit, these nine pieces seem to belong together and make a coherent whole. Perhaps this is the most coherent and most musical Machinefabriek release thus far.


Diaries are a wonderful thing, a personal expression of your innermost thoughts, a document of your day to day life and a sketchpad of random ideas. 'Manchester' is a musical diary of sorts, crafted by the talented Rutger Zuydervelt aka Machinefabriek. He has already become somewhat well known in his native Netherlands for releasing occasional cdr's documenting life, the universe and everything - and this mini-album is the latest in a series of city-based recordings, following the Sunn O))) influenced 'Vancouver' (re-released as an MP3 on Of course, as you've probably already guessed from the subtle title, this time he recorded his source material on a trip to Manchester and was kind enough to stop off at Boomkat HQ while he was here (check 'Barkat' for a taped bar conversation with us). Apart from our personal connection to this, and the obvious affection we have for the source material, Zuydervelt has done something truly beautiful; he has created a piece of work as an outsider which captures the essence of the place beautifully. We can hear a local street musician, sounds from the city centre, instruments bought from local music shops or sampled thereÉ there is an inordinate amount of sensitivity and humour about these recordings which makes it a breath of fresh air in this scene. Comparisons could be drawn to Goldmund in the simple piano of 'Barkat' or the Boats with the homespun electronic/acoustic crossovers, yet this documentary piece has something truly special about it. Magical and timeless 'Manchester' is a wonderful step forward for this genre of electrical experimentation, and makes me very eager and excited about his forthcoming full length, touted for release soon on the Lampse label."


23 minuten vol charmant stotterende slaapliedjes, knus knisperende klanktapijtjes. Dit keer eens geen tenenkrommende takkeherrie." Was getekend Rutger aka Machinefabriek. Fijn zo Rutger, zo schrijf je behalve de prachtige muziek ook direct de recensie. Want echt, er valt niets zinnigs meer aan toe te voegen, Manchester is 23 minuten lang prachtige melodietjes, lichte knispers, kinderspeelgoed, vervormde sferen en inderdaad dit keer geen lawaai. Ik hoef zelfs geen journalistieke stoplappen als 'klanktapijtjes' meer van stal te halen, ook dat doet Machinefabriek voor me. Waar haalt hij het toch vandaan? Buitensporig talent, zelfspot, en bovenal prachtige muziek die echt wel langer dan 23 minuten had mogen doorgaan. Referenties dan nog even? Fennesz. Aphex Twin op zijn liefst. Deathprod. Boxhead Ensemble. En allemaal ook weer niet. Machinefabriek is een klasbak. Nu al. Waar blijven de contracten bij Touch of Rune Grammofon?