Red Stars Over Tokyo

Melody Attack Remixes

A1. Machinefabriek Guilded Houses Remix
B1. Aridtrax Melody Megamix 1 (Vindicatrix)
B2. Aridtrax Melody Megamix 2 (Vindicatrix)

Released on Testtoon Records, May 2013

‘Building Houses’ has been re-imagined by Machinefabriek as a heavily sound-based piece that escapes easy definition. The remix has an improvised flow and thus a very natural feel to it. The track sets its own limits but crosses them time and again. A languid melody line on top gives a sense of emotional direction, but its rhythmic energy hints at the track being stuck in an echo chamber, whilst bouncing off the walls and off itself.

Vindicatrix delivers two remixes of ‘Building Houses’. His informed idiosyncrasy dwells through these two tracks, linking them to the darker side of Techno, UK Bass and post-rave culture. Both tracks have a broken feel to them, delivering their message in jolts and bouts, whilst ending things up with a strong sense of ecstatic relief.

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