Berlinde Deman & Rutger Zuydervelt

1. Stuutje 1
2. Stuutje 2
3. Stuutje 3
4. Stuutje 4
5. Stuutje 5
6. Stuutje 6
7. Stuutje 7
8. Stuutje 8

Download, April 2022

Available here

A few years ago, Berlinde contacted me, asking if I'd be interested in collaborating. She was participating in the residency project Stepping Stone, initiated by Powered by TINC (NL) and Jazzlab (BE). When she mentioned her serpent, I first thought she was into some kind of witchcraft (which is not excactly my thing), but then I found out she was talking about her amazing instrument.

So of course I agreed, and in the midst of all covid madness we were able to meet at Dock Zuid in Tilburg, where we spent two days (in 2020 and 2021) improvising together. Berlinde on her trusted curved instrument, with additional effects pedals, and me with my electronic fidgetery. Everything was recorded, resulting in multiple hours of material. After some gruesomely rigourous editing, we now present the delicious bite-size digital EP Stuutjes.

Stuutjes is available on Bandcamp, for name-your-price. All proceeds will be donated to organisation Save the Children. Especially in these dark days, we think we should take care of all children, and try to give them a bright and better future.