ConStated Colume I

1. April Larson: Permission From The Dead
2. Alphaxone: Deep Tunes
3. N(28): Rona
4. Asva: Eels
5. The Howling Larsons: A Goat Was Born...
6. Philippe Petit: Where Are The Warmjets...?
7. Ypsmael: Gravelled
8. Machinefabriek: Orgeldrone
9. Attrition: Invocation V
10. Simulacra: A Look Into The Future
11. Northumbria: Harbinger
12. Plurals: Centipede Landscape
13. Caudal: Immer Und Fuer Immer
14. Cathal Rodgers: Elemental
15. Placement: The Keys To A Clockwork Universe
16. Aqua Dentata: untitled
17. Phil Maggi: Towers
18. Taphephobia: Seeds Of The Earth
19. Parhelion: Requiem For A Dying Species
20. Treha Sektori: Ah Estereh Komh Derah
21. Magdalena Solis: Go Into A Hare
22. Yellow6: Falcon 2
23. Extraterrestrial Genesis: Triangular Ascension
24. Super Fata: Cycle of The Serpent
25. Gimu: Shattered
26. Attilio Novellino: Trying To Evaporate
27. Balkar Wachholz & Rosendo J. Rocha: Preternatural
28. Jacob Brant: Morphic Dissonance
29. Ruhe: Morning Shift
30. Ekca Liena: Auvert
31. Natural Snow Buildings: Yggdrasil
32. Drunk Hummingbird: Montpelier
33. ORE: C'est le Fin

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ConStates is a compilation project which focuses on drone and darker ambient based music from a range of international artists. Released digitally under the ConSouling Sounds label, all proceeds are donated to a charitable organisation. ConStates is curated by Daniel W J Mackenzie (AKA Ekca Liena and member of Plurals) and ConSouling Sounds.

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