The Breathing Bridge

1. The Breathing Bridge
2. The Breathing Water

3-inch cdr, January 2010

Recordings of the Erasmus Bridge and the Nieuwe Maas, processed and edited by Rutger Zuydervelt in January 2010. Commissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

But The Breaking Water appears on Veldwerk



The two ten-minute compositions on this disc are based upon sound recordings of the Erasmus Bridge that were "reconstructed and edited" by Rutger Zuydervelt as part of his contribution to the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Fittingly, this music really is very cinematic, though probably not in the conventional sense in which we use that word. 'The Breathing Bridge' and its counterpart 'The Breathing Water' are both somehow very pictorial in that their analysis of the field recording source material, cutting very nicely between unplaceable, small and scratchy friction sounds to the squelch and flow of water, throwing in noisier, almost industrial gestures highlighted by towering sub bass that looms out from the usually very quiet soundscape. This has to be one of the more challenging and adventurous Machinefabriek releases to date, and it's all the better because of that. These concrète sounds are handled brilliantly and make for a welcome break from the sort of instrumental micro-processing we've become used to from this prolific artist.


De wederom in dezelfde verpakking als de andere twee releases gestoken The Breathing Bridge bevat twee lange soundscapes van elk 10 minuten. De eerste, "The Breathing Bridge", bevat veldopnames van de Erasmus brug in Rotterdam. Dat zowel van het verkeer als de omgevingsgeluiden. Met elektronica manipuleert hij deze geluiden tot ijzig desolate en soms robuuste ambient en musique concrète. De tweede track "The Breathing Water" is een dergelijk opgebouwd stuk maar dan met opnames van de Nieuwe Maas. Het resultaat van dit nummer is nog overweldigender dan eerste door de af en toe opkomende, kolkende klanken die een mix lijken van zwaar stromend water en heftige elektronische klanken. Het bij de keel grijpende geheel bewijst eens te meer de grote klasse van Machinefabriek.