Ukraine Appeal

1. Aidan Baker - A Lament
2. Library Tapes & Jakob Lindhagen - Elegy
3. Minus Pilots - We Dream Dreams And Scribble Stars
4. Simon Scott - Sende
5. Dirk Serries - Towards The Edge
6. Good Weather for an Airstrike - What It Was Before
7. Liam J Hennessy - Unite
8. WORRIEDABOUTSATAN - As Above, See Attached
9. Darkroom with Inna Kovtun - Remembering A Different Light
10. Verified Daddies - Haunt Me
11. Starle the Heavens - Becoming
12. Alex Steward - Sonder
13. Slow Clinic - Weary
14. Machinefabriek – Chornyy
15. Yellow6 - It's So Cold
16. Blurstem - Family Is All
17. Cut Iowa Network - Altitude Battle Scar (Arc Light Operations
18. Kenneth Kirschner - January 3, 2015
19. THAT CLOUD - What Passes Tha
20. Upward - Sic
21. Bjarni Gunnarsson - Costes

Download, PLAYNEUTRAL, May 2022

Available here

Hello all,

We’re all shocked by the tragic events in Ukraine and, following a conversation with Tom from Good Weather for an Airstrike, decided to ask artists if they would be able to contribute a track for a compilation to support the war victims in Ukraine.

While this compilation is free, we’d like to encourage and invite you to give whatever you can.
All money goes to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.
You can donate directly to the Red Cross here: