The Cold and the Quiet o.s.t.

1. Emma
2. Alone
3. Leaving
4. Night Fall
5. Search
6. William
7. Basement
8. Tannenbaum
9. Pathetic / Broken Bulb
10. Cigarettes
11. Drive
12. Perfect / Visions
13. Sketching
14. Peace
15. Bath
16. Loser's I'm Home / Joy
17. Freak
18. Chrissy

Download, self released, December 2015

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My score for the psychological drama The Cold and the Quiet. It's a soundtrack in the classic sense... recurring themes, airy piano, cinematic swells and all. If you're into that stuff, you might like this. I think it worked out quite well...
A film score for a psychological drama by Colleen Griffen and Joe Chappelle.

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