The Holy Circle

Heart in a Vice: Sick With Love Remixes

1. Moorland Loneliness (Remix by Ghost Cop)
2. Lovely One (Remix by Luci)
3. Fever Break (Remix by Matmos)
4. Fever Break (Remix by They Hate Change)
5. Lovely One (Remix by Azar Zwan)
6. Glass (Remix by Machinefabriek)
7. Free and Young (Remix by XOR)
8. Breakfast Current (Remix by J. Fischer)
9. Glass (Remix by Good Fuck)
10. To Exist (Remix by Sarn)
11. Glass (Remix by Jonathan Snipes)
12. Moorland Loneliness (Remix by Margot Padilla)
13. Midnight on the Moors (Remix by Theologian)

Digital release on Deathbomb Arc, July 2020

Available here

Remixes of tracks from the album 'Sick with Love'

50% of the profits from this release donated to Baltimore Algebra Project: 03:52