Fundraiser for City Plaza

1. Shelly Knotts x Jan St. Werner - Raft
2. Ipek Gorgun x Mira Calix - Knightscope K5 (Remix)
3. Mira Calix x Ipek Gorgun - Fortuna (Redux)
4. Aaron Dilloway x Lucrecia Dalt  - Labyrinths & Yachts
5. Lucrecia Dalt x Aaron Dilloway  - Dragon Loops
6. Laura Luna Castillo x Leyland Kirby - Stage 4 Confusion Flashback
7. Leyland Kirby x Laura Luna Castillo - Bliss and Loss
8. France Jobin x Anne Guthrie - m (Outdoor Version)
9. Anne Guthrie x France Jobin - Bellona (Remix)
10. Mads Emil Nielsen x Jan Jelinek - Framework 10 (Remix)
11. Jan Jelinek x Mads Emil Nielsen - Zwischen/Marcel Duchamp (Remix)
12. Alessandro Bosetti x Yannis Kyriakides - Airing
13. Yannis Kyriakides x Alessandro Bosetti - Habillage
14. Seth Graham x Yves De Mey - Auto-Harmony Version
15. Yves De Mey x Seth Graham - Mika (Remix)
16. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma x Le Révélateur - In Summer (Out Remix)
17. Le Révélateur x Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Hyper (Remix)
18. Mark Fell x Jim O'Rourke - untitled
19. Jim O'Rourke x Mark Fell - untitled
20. Christina Vantzou x Jasmine Guffond - Not to Decide is to Decide (Remixture)
21. Jasmine Guffond x Christina Vantzou - RR Variation (Remix)
22. Kreng x Celer - Wormhole (Remix)
23. Celer x Kreng - MM Strings (Remix)
24. Bjarni Gunnarsson x BJ Nilsen - Aperture (Remix)
25. BJ Nilsen x Bjarni Gunnarsson - Beam Finder (Rework)
26. Jerusalem In My Heart x Black To Comm - Thahab, Mish Roujou', Thabab (Remix)
27. Black To Comm x Jerusalem In My Heart - Double Happiness in Temporal Decoy (Remix)
28. Klara Lewis x Lawrence English - Once (Again)
29. Lawrence English x Klara Lewis - ...And Clouds for Company (Remix)
30. Gabriel Saloman x Machinefabriek - What Belongs to Love (Remix)
31. Machinefabriek x Gabriel Saloman - Dwaal (Remix)
32. BEAST x Chuck Johnson - Color Feel (Remix)
33. Chuck Johnson x Koen Holtkamp - Labradorite Eye (Remix)
34. Jan St. Werner x Shelly Knotts - Rift

Download, July 2019

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All the funds generated by the sales of this album will be donated directly to City Plaza Hotel, a squatted refuge located in the heart of Athens, Greece, organized for and by migrants from Africa and Asia. These funds will support their struggle to provide material needs for those fleeing economic, environmental, political and military disasters in their home countries. At City Plaza Hotel residents work together in ways that center their own agency, dignity and solidarity with each other.

This compilation in no way claims to represent the voices of refugees and migrants, nor does it represent the scores of incredible musicians from the Middle East, North Africa or Central America whose communities are being disrupted by mass migration. Rather, the artists participating in this compilation recognize that their lives and art have benefitted from the relative ease with which they are able to move across borders, performing for international audiences and developing relationships across cultures. Some of the artists involved are the
children of immigrants, or have their own experiences of migration and relocation. All of them share a belief in a basic freedom of movement and stand in solidarity with those migrants and refugees who are struggling to make a better life for their families and themselves.

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