Compilation (2004–2008)

1. Mosey
2. Laat in de middag is het licht het mooist
3. Stukjes 12 tot 15
4. Vancouver (edit)
5. Barkat
6. Wheeler
7. Hapstaart 2 tot 5
8. Splinter 6
9. Bij Mirjam Thuis
10. Bye Bye Bradford

download/stream, October 2020

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Most of the tracks on this collection appeared on 3-inch CDRs between 2004 and 2008. Wheeler was made in 2007, probably for a compilation or art project, but I can't recall or find any info about it.

This album can be seen as a companion to the compilation Weleer, released by Lampse in 2007. That record is often wrongly refered to as 'Wheeler', either by ignorance or automated text correction. So it seemed apt to use it as the real title this time.

1, 5, 10: taken Manchester (3"cdr, 2006)
2: taken from Voor de Prullenbak (3"cdr, 2004)
3: taken from Stukjes (3"cdr, 2008)
4: taken from Vancouver (3"cdr, 2005), edited for this release
7: taken from Hapstaart (3"cdr, 2007)
8: taken from Splinters (download, 2007)
9: taken from Bij Mirjam (3"cdr, 2004)

6 (made in 2007) was called 'soundmachinefabriek' in my archive. No idea if that was the intended title, but I decided to (re)name it as the title track for this collection.