Hidden Landscapes

1. Offthesky and Pillowgarden: Abandon Leaf
2. Maps and Diagrams: Everybody's got Something to Hide
3. Ibreathefur: My Resonant Heart
4. Hessien: Hypothesis
5. The Green Kingdom: Velvet Landscape
6. Spheruleus: Frost
7. M.Ostermeier: Central
8. Nicola Ratti: Nordich
9. Machinefabriek: Toendra
10. Martin Herterich: Black Branches
11. Pillowdiver: Drugged on the Permafrost
12. Damian Valles: Antumbra
13. Fabio Orsi: Tropfen
14. Philip Sulidae: Broken Toes

cd on Hibernate, January 2011

For the first full compilation to be released on Audio Gourmet, we have teamed together with Hibernate Records, the Felt Collective and a selection of some of the finest names in the modern ambient music scene. The compilation, called 'Hidden Landscapes' features fourteen pieces of music in which the artists were briefed to compose something particularly wintery to match the mood of the colder season.

The resulting soundtrack should be the perfect listening companion for colder times, with its icy cold exterior. Perhaps once the ice melts and the temperature begins to rise, parts of this album will reveal themselves to you and sound different in the warmth.

There are 200 limited edition CD copies of Hidden Landscapes available for purchase thanks to Jonathan of Hibernate Records. He has kindly offered to design and print this stunning album as a physical copy. He's also provided the front cover photography through his Cragg Vale Photography project.
The digital counterpart is available through the Audio Gourmet Bandcamp account, with proceeds going towards keeping the netlabel section up and running. This has become necessary with Bandcamp now charging account holders to distribute music for free. Since we wish to continue using the site for its aesthetics and ease of use, these compilations will become a frequent feature here on Audio Gourmet.