Dag Rosenqvist & Rutger Zuydervelt

1. Feberdröm

3-inch cdr on Odradek, December 2007

Another collaboration with Dag Rosenqvist (ak.a. Jasper TX). One long, subtle but intense drone track, packed in a beautiful fold-out sleeve by Gerco Hiddink.

But available on the re-release of Vintermusik



The Machinefabriek Express rolls into town again, this time in the form of a three-inch collaboration with Dag Rosenqvist, aka the very excellent Jasper TX. Previously these two titans of contemporary electronics have convened for the Vintermusik project, and here once again the pair vividly evoke a very tangible sense of sonic desolation and a frozen, droning blankness using only a handful of well-placed electronic tones. The disc lasts 25 minutes, evolving in an organic, linear fashion, starting from a solid bank of sine tones only to take on a kind of grainy, dusty quality as the piece progresses. Soon new overtones can be heard and subtle crackles, pops and glitches surface from the extremities of the stereo field. It's these disruptive elements that commandeer the disc in its final third, rupturing the formerly smooth tonal surfaces and leaving a data stream of fractured pulses in its wake. Feberdrom is extremely simple in concept but elegant in its execution nonetheless, serving as worthy entry into both artists' catalogues. Gorgeous stuff - Highly Recommended!