Het Oog Dat Voelt

Documentairy by Lex Reitsma, about photographer Koos Breukel

Renowned portrait photog­ra­pher Koos Breukel escapes death in a serious car acci­dent. From then on, he decides every­thing has to change. Now, he chooses subjects that person­ally affect him.

Koos Breukel used to work as a portrait photog­ra­pher for maga­zines like Quote, Oor and Else­vier. His life changes tack when he survives a serious car acci­dent in 1992. From then on, he chooses subjects that touch him person­ally, like the trau­ma­tised victims of the Faro plane crash or his adoles­cent son Casper. In his plain studio, working on his photographs or putting together exhi­bi­tions, he looks back and tells about his inspi­ra­tion, his approach and about being focused. His Flemish colleague Stephan Vanfleteren recog­nises a lost brother in Koos.

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